1080p Full HD Display native resoluton of 1920 x 1080 with progressive scan which provides much clarity and details in screen pictures.
1080p UP-COVERSION 480i/480p/720p/1080i/1080p up-conversion video output though HDMI Cable
3 HDMI Inputs HDMI makes an uncompressed digital RGB connection from the source to the screen. By eliminating conversion to an analog signal, it delivers an unblemished image. The non-degraded signal reduces flicker and leads to a clearer picture. HDMI intelligently communicates the highest possible output resolution with the source device. The HDMI input is fully backward compatible with DVI sources and incorporates digital audio signals. HDMI uses HDCP copy protection.
BD Java Some Blu-ray Disc support Java applications, you can enjoy the interactive functions such as games or interactive menus and extension of the original DTS Coherent Acoustics format and Blu-ray Disc supports 7.1 multi-channel surround sound.
Blu-ray Disc Blu-ray discs can hold high definition data, with 1080p resolution pictures, which are full high definition images. Be prepared to experience the best quality picture in today's technology.
Blu-ray Disc Playback Blu-ray Discs have the capacity to carry high definition data and provide images in full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. Scenes come to life as details leap at you, movements smoothen, and images turn crystal clear. Blu-ray also delivers uncompressed surround sound so your audio experience becomes unbelievably real. The high storage capacity of Blu-ray Discs also allows a host of interactive possibilities to be built in. Seamless navigation during playback and other exciting features like pop-up menus bring a whole new dimension to home entertainment.
Bluetooth® 3.0 Bluetooth® 3.0 offers faster 24Mbit/s data transfer than normal 3 Mbit/s for better and clear sound reproduction.
Bonus View Enjoy picture-in-picture content and audio played during the main feature if elected on the disc menu. (Bonus View is available only on select movie titles.)
Clear Pix Engine Plus Enhances overall picture quality for your movies and television programs.
Clear Pix Technology Clear Pix Technology brings an incredible high-definition picture that is perfect for watching your favorite movies and for keeping up with the intense action of a game.
ClearPix X 2 Optimize the picture quality which 1080p display can bring with color enhancement and much details.
Compact Disc Ubiquitous (present everywhere) digital audio format. Uses 16-bit/44.1-kHz sampling rate PCM digital signal to encode roughly 74 or 80 minutes of two-channel, full-range audio onto a 5-inch disc.
Component Video Output Each signal. comprised of luminance (Y) and color components (PB/CB, PR/CR) are independent signal outputs so that you can experience a totally separate Color signal Picture without interaction. Also, due to compatibility with progressive video (480p), you can experience a higher-density picture than with an interlaced (480i) picture.
Deep Color The real world has unlimited colors! You will be able to enjoy deep vivid colors created by nature, on your TV screen.
DivX The DivX media format is MPEG-4 based video compression that lets you save large files like films, movie trailers, and music videos on recordable media.
Dolby Digital Dolby Digital, the world's leading digital multi-channel audio standard, makes use of the way the human ear naturally processes sound. With Dolby Digital you experience superb quality surround sound audio with realistic spatial cues
Dolby Digital Recording Dolby Digital Recording is a highly sophisticated and efficient perceptual audio coding technology that formats any stereo audio content, such as a home-movie soundtrack, into a stereo Dolby Digital bitstream. So you can record any program's audio in high-quality, fully compatible stereo. Dolby Digital Recording is also a natural selection for DVD-based camcorders, in which the combination of audio and video quality (and often the length of recording, too) is an important consideration.
Dolby Digital Stereo Creator With Dolby Digital Stereo Creator, your recordable DVDs can feature exciting soundtracks with crystal-clear Dolby Digital stereo. Sharing these DVDs with friends and family is easy too, because DVD content with Dolby Digital Stereo Creator will play back on just about any DVD player, from portables to those in home theater systems.
Dolby TrueHD Dolby TrueHD delivers 7.1 channels of the finest sound. The reproduced audio is virtually indistinguishable from the studio master so you hear what the creators intended you to hear. Dolby TrueHD completes your high definition entertainment experience.
DTS 2.0+Digital Out This feature enables the DTS audio signal to output to external devices (such as an amplifier) through Analog Audio L/R or Digital Audio out (without decoding its compressed audio signal).
DTS Digital Out This feature enables the DTS Digital audio signal to output to external devices (such as an amplifier), where the external device decodes the DTS Digital compressed audio signal.(The external devices need to support the DTS decoding feature.)
DTS-HD Advanced Digital Out This feature enables a DTS-HD Master Audio stream (DTS top-level format) to output to external devices (such as an Audio amplifier) through an HDMI cable (ver. 1.3a or higher).
DVD VIDEO DVD-Video is a consumer video format used to store digital video on DVD (DVD-ROM) discs, and is currently the dominant form of consumer video formats in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.[1] Discs using the DVD-Video specification require a DVD drive and an MPEG-2 decoder (e.g., a DVD player, or a DVD computer drive with a software DVD player). Commercial DVD movies are encoded using a combination of MPEG-2 compressed video and audio of varying formats (often multi-channel formats as described below). Typical data rates for DVD movies range from 310 Mbit/s, and the bit rate is usually adaptive.
DVD-R/RW RECORDING Record your favorite television shows and treasured home videos from a videocassette to DVD-R / DVD-RW discs.
Dynamic Contrast Special picture processing technology dynamically and seamlessly delivers vibrant images in bright scenes or reproduces a deep blacks and accurate rendering of darker colors and shades in dark scenes. You get the ultimate LCD picture: stable and clear images with enriched color performance and excellent contrast.
EASY SIDE CONNECTION HDMI and AV inputs (Composite Video, S-Video and Audio L/R) are located at the side of the TV for your convenience in connecting with your gaming and other portable devices.
Eco Button Save energy and money with this energy saving brightness control conveniently located on the remote control.
EDTV Enhanced-definition television, extended-definition television, or EDTV is a CEA marketing shorthand term for certain digital television (DTV) formats and devices, used by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) of the United States. Specifically, this term defines formats that deliver a picture that is superior to that of standard-definition television (SDTV), but not as detailed as high-definition television (HDTV). The term refers to devices capable of displaying a 480 -line signal in progressive scan (commonly referred to as "480p") as opposed to interlaced scanning, commonly referred to as "480i". High motion is optional for EDTV.
Energy Star Energy Star-labeled home electrical products are designed to use less energy - saving you money while reducing environmental pollution. In fact, Energy Star-compliant products consume less than 1 watt of power while in standby mode. This is achieved by having low standby power consumption through innovatively designed standby circuitry and stringent selection of components made with high efficiency materials.
fun-Link fun-Link uses the HDMI CEC industry standard, to share control between devices connected to the TV. With fun-Link only one remote control is needed to operate the main functions on your TV and connected devices like a Blu-ray player or home theater system.
HDD Built-in hard disk drive (HDD) to store your favorite shows, for your library and/or temporary storage to record as vods. Depend on the memory size, however, 500GB can record up to 620 hours in SD quality.
HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) A digital interface between audio and video source. It can transmit digital video, audio, and control signal with one cable connection.
HDMI input HDMI makes an uncompressed digital RGB connection from the source to the screen. By eliminating conversion to an analog signal, it delivers an unblemished image. The non-degraded signal reduces flicker and leads to a clearer picture. HDMI intelligently communicates the highest output resolution with the source device. The HDMI input is fully backward compatible with DVI sources but includes digital audio. HDMI uses HDCP copy protection.
HDTV High-Definition Television. The high-resolution subset of our DTV system. The ATSC defines HDTV as a 16:9 image with twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of our existing system, accompanied by 5.1 channels of Dolby Digital audio. The CEA defines HDTV as an image with 720 progressive or 1080 interlaced active (top to bottom) scan lines. 720p and 1080i are typically accepted as high-definition scan rates.
Hi-Fi VCR The 4-head VCR's Hi-Fi stereo recording system offers excellent sound quality, with a high dynamic range, wide frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
JPEG JPEG is a method of compressing still picture files. You can copy JPEG files on CD-RW/-R, DVD or SD Memory Card from a computer and play back the files in this unit.
Kodak Picture CD Compatible The unit can also run JPEG files stored on Kodak Picture CD. The Picture CD is a service to convert photographs taken by a conventional film camera into digital data and write the data on a CD. The user can enjoy picture images on the television set by playing back the Picture CD. For details of Kodak Picture CD, contact a shop that deal with developing service of Kodak Inc.
LCD Full HD 1920x1080p Display This display has Full HD resolution. This is the highest resolution that HD broadcast scan transmit. It allows the best possible picture quality from any format of HD input signal. It produces brilliant, flicker-free progressive scan pictures with optimum brightness and superb color. This vibrant and sharp images will provide you with an enhanced viewing experience.
LCD WXGA display, 1366x768p This WXGA display with state-of-the-art LCD screen technology gives you widescreen HD resolution of 1366 x 768p pixels. It produces brilliant flicker-free progressive scan pictures with optimum brightness and superb colors. This vibrant and sharp image will provide you with an enhanced viewing experience.
LED display The LED Display renders the highest available contrast with stunning brilliance, colors and low power consumption. The revolutionary new LED lights are positioned at both sides in the backlight for the LCD display. They generate brilliant light in bright image scenes, and are dimmed to lowest levels in dark scenes. The result is a stunning picture with extreme contrast, sharpness, vibrant color and with less energy compared to a normal LCD TV of the same screen size.
Line-in Recording This devise does not have a tuner. Inline recording means that you're recording the video and audio from the input connectors on the TV/player to get the sound and picture information, instead of using the built-in tuner. Also, you can dub between DVD and VCR. (Excludes Copy Right materials.)
MP3 Playback MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3. Compression scheme used to transfer audio files via the Internet and store in portable players and digital audio servers.
PC IN This unit is equipped with a PC-IN jack (via RGB or HDMI). If you connect this unit to your PC, you can use this unit as a computer monitor.
PC input via HDMI With PC input you can use your TV as a PC monitor via a HDMI-DVI cable/converter.
PCM (pulse code modulation) The most common system of encoding digital audio, found on CD and DAT. Excellent quality that requires a lot of data compared to formats such as Dolby Digital and MPEG audio. For compatibility with digital audio recorders (CD, MD and DAT) and AV amplifiers with digital inputs, this unit can convert Dolby Digital, DTS, and MPEG audio to PCM.
Photo Viewer Enjoy sharing your Jpeg pictures stored in USB Memory stick via USB port.
Progressive Scan Progressive Scan doubles the vertical resolution of the image resulting in a noticeably sharper picture. Instead of sending a field comprising the odd lines to the screen first, followed by the field with the even lines, both fields are written at one time. A full image is created instantaneously using the maximum resolution. Your eye perceives a sharper picture with no line structure.
SDTV (standard definition TV) Standard digital format that is similar to NTSC picture quality.
SRS TruSurround HD™ Creates an immersive, feature-rich surround sound experience from two Speakers, complete with rich bass, high frequency and clear speech. (Note: It includes SRS WOW effect already, so no need to Turn On SRS WOW at the same time.)
SRS TruSurround XT® TruSurround XT® creates a truly immersive surround sound experience with rich bass and clear dialog from only two speakers.
SRS TruVolume Maintain the steady volume between different signal sources such as TV, Music, and MP3 and so on without volume fl uctuation. It works on TV commercials where some TV commercial increase volume level.
SRS WOW Significantly improves the playback quality of Audio, with dynamic deep, rich bass. It works when youhave decreased volume level but need good bass sound.
Streaming Steaming media is constantly received and presented shows/movies while being delivered by streaming provider such as Netflix, Vudu, YouTube and other though the internet connection.
Subwoofer Speaker 152mm Subwoofer for deep bass frequency sound reproduction. The Tuned Port, Bass Enclosure will give you precisely matched low frequency bass sound for frequency range between 50 Hz and 180 Hz the best low frequency reproduction of original acoustic signal in this class. With Soundbar and Subwoofer unit, it will perform the acoustic reproduction of all frequency Ranges from 50Hz up to 20KHz with the best sound performance.
THD What is THD? We recommend you look into THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of the specification of speaker you intend to buy. Most amplifieres undergo increased harmonic distortion in the frequency band of interest, normally 50Hz-20KHz at high power output levels. Most of the soundbar, surround sound speaker commonly have "10% THD" rated at Power Output specification. This is very close to RMS measurement, a Industory Standard, which will guide you for better quality speaker.
Title A collection of chapters on BD-video or DVD-video.
Touch Sensor Touch Sensor Panel to contorl your devise with soft touch of the sensor.
Track Audio CD use tracks to divide up the content of a disc. The BD-video or DVD-video equivalent is called a chapter.
Two way speaker Expandable Soundbar Model MSB5300 and MSB5305 are 2 way speaker systems. Expandable Soundbar Speaker system consist of; a. Round 13mm Tweeter that reproduces sound of High Frequency range. b. Oval Shape Full Range Speaker Driver of 90 x 60mm. Both Right and Left Speaker has 2 way Speaker System designed for the best High Fidelity, rich sound reproduction and detailed performance to duplicate as much original sound source signal as possible.
Ultra Thin Ultra Thin design to meet your high design standards.
VGA input VGA input provides a connector to accommodate input of an analog signal for use as a PC monitor.
VOD Stream premium movies to your TV from preset content providers. Free yourself from fixed program timeslots and watch what you like, when you like. (Premium content may require additional fees and/or PC registration.)
Wi-Fi Enjoy extra features and network streaming via built-in Wi-Fi, all without worrying about extra dongles or cables. Also included is a simple setup program with easy on-screen displays. (Internet features require broadband; Wi-Fi requires wireless router.)
Wireless LAN A wireless local area network (WLAN) links two or more devices using router or other wireless distribution method to provide a connection through an access point to creates the mobility to the users within local voverage area. Most WirelessLANs are marketed under the Wi-Fi brand name which based on IEEE 802.11 standards.
WXGA LCD DISPLAY The WXGA (Wide Extended Graphics Array) display gives you widescreen HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The main benefits of an LCD screen include the crystal clarity of images and their extremely compact form factor.
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